Pax et Lumen International Academy's Mission and Vision

The school prepares K to 12 students to become ready for new fields of expertise needed to address future challenges in society, in business, and in our natural environment, while developing in them a sense of spirituality and commitment to national development.

Through exposure to all fields of knowledge, the school wants its students to see and love the Creator through the wonders of the universe.

Why Pax Et Lumen Gives Double Sessions in Sciences and Mathematics

At the outset, Pax Et Lumen decided to make the sciences and mathematics the core of its curriculum. It follows the curriculum based on that prescribed by the Philippines’ Department of Education, but adds an additional 200 minutes per week class sessions in both the sciences and mathematics. This translates into 130 hours more for each science and math subject for the whole school year.

This may not mean much to an individual who may think that these extra hours do not really mean much especially if one is just interested in getting the minimum requirement to get a basic education certificate.

But this is just the way Pax Et Lumen is trying to level up its students so that even if the Philippine school calendar is shorter in the number of school days than a country like Japan has, its students get at least the same amount of contact hours and skill formation in the crucial subjects of science and mathematics. Moreover, as former Secretary of Science and Technology and now President of the National Academy of Science and Technology, Dr. William Padolina said: The amount of knowledge and information generated these days is greater in terms of “velocity, variety, and volume”

Pax Et Lumen also follows the spiraling method of sequencing its science topics. This means that a science topic or area is covered almost every year but this topic is enlarged and deepened as the child goes up in the academic years. And once the Pax Et Lumen student reaches Grade 7, the student gets exposed to special science topics so that the student will gain a wider knowledge and a deeper appreciation of the wonders of the creation. Pax Et Lumen’s spiritual philosophy follows the belief that God speaks to us through the wonders of nature and of the universe as a whole. And so the students get to see the wonderful works of the Creator through their studies in the sciences and mathematics. And in the process, the school hopes that the seeds of spirituality and awareness are planted in the students’ hearts and minds.

For parents’ reference, the school hereby presents the scope and sequence of the science subjects (including the special science courses) and of mathematics:




Nurturing Interest in Engineering and Technology as Global Career Options in Grades 7 and 8 through Robotics Subject

Pax et Lumen International Academy (The Science and Math School) in Angeles City will introduce basic robotics to its Grade 7 and 8 students starting June 2015. This move is part of enhancing its science, technology, engineering, and math curriculum (or STEM) as Pax builds itself to be a STEM school in the future when it opens its Grades 11 to 12 levels. The study of robotics is also a means to introduce its young male and female students to possible career choices when they grow up .

It has been observed by human resource analysts that 21st century jobs are evolving. Some jobs will be rendered obsolete by the time current junior and middle school students graduate from college just as the past few years have seen the emergence of new jobs and skills. Robotics will be taught once a week by Teacher Saldi who trained in robotics as a science student and as a teacher at Pax.

While the school promotes interest in science and math-based subjects, it also considers learning other skills related to learning academics and values, such as individual planning, systematic thinking, project execution, cooperation, patience, group work, courtesy to co-workers, and having fun –while the students apply principles learned in physics and general science.

For partial or full scholarships in high school, please inquire in Admissions Office.

Why Pax Et Lumen International Academy Awards Scholarships to Kinder 2 to Grade 9 Students

Pax et Lumen encourages students to pursue academic excellence by awarding scholarships to its students who complete the academic requirements of their grade level starting from Kindergarten 2. It is the only school that starts awarding scholarships to students starting from Kinder 2 on the basis of discipline, seriousness of purpose, and good behavior.

The academic scholarships vary from area awards with tuition discounts for those who excel in Science OR Math, to Science AND Math Scholarships with a higher value, to the Agerico Paras Scholarships for full tuition given to outstanding students of Grades 4 to 6. In lieu of the Paras Scholarships that are given only to incoming Grades 4 to 6 students, High School students are given Young Scientist Full Tuition scholarships.

The school is happy to note that more than 30 percent of its students have garnered scholarship awards or tuition discounts for academic excellence for the coming school year, 2015-2016. The school also offers entrance scholarships to all students transferring to or enrolling at Pax Et Lumen. These scholarships follow the same requirements as those extended to Pax’s current student enrollees. The mission of Pax is to encourage students to do well and to assist parents– through tuition discounts or scholarships–to nurture self-discipline and pursuit of excellence in their children.

High School Student Presents Science Research Findings to the Faculty of Pax Et Lumen International Academy

Guyrine Pamintuan, a high school graduating student, presented her research findings to the faculty of Pax et Lumen International Academy a few days before she completed her high school graduation requirements.

Her research was on the termiticide effect of adult crude leaf extract of the talisay tree against damp wood termites. The termites were exposed to varying concentration of the crude leaf extract of talisay and the results showed that there is a significant difference between the negative control and the varying concentrations (25%, 50%, 75% concentration) of the crude leaf extract from the talisay tree (Terminalia catappa) and the mortality rate of the damp wood termites ( Zootermopsis angusticollis). Her research showed that the extract of the test plan is a possible candidate for a termiticide.

Because of Guyrine’s experience in competently handling the research, the school administration decided that all Grade 10 students of Pax et Lumen will complement term paper writing/ composition with lessons in actual science research.

Young Scientists Scholarships Announced

hs scholarships 2015


A School for Science and Mathematics


Announcing the availability of YOUNG SCIENTISTS SCHOLARSHIPS of 10 slots each of FULL TUITION and HALF TUITION SCHOLARSHIPS  for  incoming Grades 7, 8, 9, and 10 for School Year 2015 – 2016.           


Qualifications for FULL TUITION SCHOLARSHIP:                      

1.     average grade of 90% or “A” in Science subject                 

2.     final average grade of at least 93%

3.     no grade below 85% in any subject



1.     average grade of 90% or “A” in Science subject

2.     final average grade of at least 90%

3.     no grade below 85% in any subject


Deadline to submit application is on April 15, 2015.  Screening and qualifying exams will be given on April 20, 2015 at 9:00 AM. 

For inquiries, please call (045) 304-04-02 or visit us at the Registrar’s Office at 2235 Sto. Entierro, Sto. Cristo, Angeles City.

Second Pax et Lumen’s Science and Math Fair held at SM Clark in November 2014

1st essay writing2nd mousetrap2

3rd mousetrap44th avant awards

Pax et Lumen International Academy held its second Science and Math Fair in November 2014 at SM Clark to expand public awareness that science and math can be fun and that science and math are part of everyday life.

Focusing on the theme, “Educational Preparation for Jobs for the 21st Century” the school had an on-the-spot essay writing contest on the topic and a Grand Masters’ Quiz Bee on Mathematics and Science. A total of 20 schools participated which reflected the interest in science and mathematics of Angeles City’s student population.

There were also fun science-based games and contests like the Mouse Trap Grand Prix which used mouse traps as vehicles and making them compete for speed, like race cars.  The Avant Garb-age Contest on the other hand, made use of ‘garbage’ materials to create garbs or clothes. The creativity of those who created the garbs or clothes was obvious as plastic cups, inner tubes of old tires, and used tetra packs were recycled and came out as materials for clothes!

The fair also exhibited products created in the laboratory of Pax et Lumen: soaps with various scents, lotion, vinegar, vegetable-based cookies, These products showed that livelihood initiatives come from knowing one’s scientific principles and that such products are easy to make.

The following schools won the following prizes:

Grand Masters’ Quiz Bee:





Essay Writing Contest


Mouse Trap Grand Prix:


Avant Garb-age Contest:


Creating Awareness of ASEAN Economic Community


The end of the current year 2015 will mark the beginning of the process for the integration of ASEAN Economic Community or AEC.  It is a process that has caught the attention of the public, but it has also left many asking, “what does ASEAN economic integration mean?”

The issue is too complex to be answered by high school students.  Nevertheless a poster making contest and an essay writing contest was held at Pax et Lumen International Academy on what ASEAN is all about in order to create a basic awareness of this regional organization among its students and their families.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN was established in 1967 or almost 50 years ago by five Southeast Asian nations, namely: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. Through the years and culminating in 1997 when ASEAN was 30 years old, the ASEAN became the ASEAN 10 with the entry of Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

These ten ASEAN members are now working on having unified regulations and standards to guide its economic areas of activity: customs, banking, investments, education, taxation, etc.  This is basically what economic integration means.

For the ASEAN writing contest on what ASEAN is, the following HS students were given the following awards  First Place- Kyle Gabriel Garcia (Grade 8), Second Place- Portia Margarita Simsuangco, (Grade 8), Third Place- Ana Victoria Sandique (Grade 7).

For the ASEAN poster making contest, the winners were: First Place- Chantilie Punzalan, (Grade 9), Second Place- Jean Andrei Ander, (Grade 8), Third Place- Francis Ivan Cunanan (Grade 8).

The ASEAN Contest was made possible by the Philippine ASEAN Secretariat in Manila.  The awardees received ASEAN medals and Certificates of Recognition given by the Philippine ASEAN Secretariat under the Director General for ASEAN Philippines, Ambassador Luis Cruz.

The winners were also given four pieces of the Central Bank’s commemorative currency (Philippine fifty peso-notes) with the ASEAN logo on it.  The commemorative booklet of currency was signed by the Honorable Secretary of Foreign Affairs Albert F. Del Rosario.

In 2017, ASEAN will mark its 50th anniversary.  During that year, the Philippines will have the honor to host the ASEAN Summit during which the heads of governments of the ten ASEAN member countries will visit the Philippines for a summit meeting to set the agenda of ASEAN for the next decade as well as to strengthen measures to make the economic integration of ASEAN stronger.

Pax Teacher to Represent the Philippines in the South East Asian Floorball Championship in Singapore

Our PE Teacher, Mr. Saldio Jesus S. Amador, is representing the Philippines along with the other Philippine delegates in the South East Asian Floorball Championship to be held in Singapore on December 17 – 21, 2014.

After sending our grade 9 student to Japan to attend the UNESCO ASPnet International ESD Events for Teachers and Students, now we are seeing our teacher joining an international sporting event.   Pax et Lumen is truly forming its community members not just academically but also physically, a holistic approach in education.

The entire Pax community wishes you good luck!

Pax Partners with a Korean School

In a recent invitation from Oksu Elementary School, designated by Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, Pax et Lumen, through its President, Mrs. Laura Q. Del Rosario, opened its doors to partnering with this Korean school to foster exchange of knowledge between students with regards to the culture, language, and lifestyle of each country.

The collaboration between Oksu and Pax through letter exchanges will enhance the quality of education as sharing first-hand experiences is one of the most powerful tools. Moreover, these partnerships generate enthusiasm in writing and motivation among students to help them understand how the local and the global are connected.  They foster not only camaraderie among students from the other parts of the globe, but likewise provide a vehicle to promote understanding of climate change in a global perspective.

This week, Pax pupils and students received goodies along with the second batch of letters from their Korean friends. Pure happiness and amazement can truly be seen in our students’ eyes. Pax students are now preparing their replies along with their arts to be sent via airmail to their Korean friends.