Pax et Lumen International Academy's Mission and Vision

The school prepares K to 12 students to become ready for new fields of expertise needed to address future challenges in society, in business, and in our natural environment, while developing in them a sense of spirituality and commitment to national development.

Through exposure to all fields of knowledge, the school wants its students to see and love the Creator through the wonders of the universe.

Pax Et Lumen Teachers to Participate in UNESCO’s Eighth “Karunungan” Conference on Global Education


The Philippine National Commission for UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) invited Pax Et Lumen International Academy to nominate two teachers to attend a conference on global education to be held at the National Museum in Manila in September 2014. Through the conference, UNESCO-Philippines hopes to enhance the content and pedagogy of basic education with the latest concepts and discourses on global education. The educational objectives of Pax in promoting knowledge through languages and social sciences that prepares students for an increasingly globalized world are congruent with UNESCO’s thrusts. Teachers Carla Solomon and Monica Vital will be Pax Et Lumen’s delegates to the UNESCO “Karunungan” Conference.

Pax Et Lumen Student to Attend UNESCO Conference Hosted by Japan in November

The Japanese National Commission and the Philippine National Commission for UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) have awarded a participant slot to James Matthew David, a Grade 9 student of Pax Et Lumen, in the World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) to be held in Nagoya, Japan in November 2014. During the conference, four student participants from the Philippines will prepare and deliver a presentation on sustainable development, human security, cultural diversity, or any of the special topics under ESD. The inclusion of a Pax student in the Philippine national delegation of four students is in recognition of Pax’s efforts to integrate the teaching of science, mathematics, and technology in addressing current ecological and social global challenges.

Two Pax Et Lumen Teachers Undergo Training by Philippine Robotics Academy at Ateneo de Manila Campus

Two Pax science teachers were among sixty science and physics teachers who underwent training last July 2014 at the Ateneo de Manila campus. Philippine Robotics Academy conducts its training program under a Memorandum of Agreement with the Science Education Institute of the Department of Science and Technology. The robotics training is part of Pax’s plan to expand its subject offerings in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The training of teachers Saldio Amador and Angelo Bañares in teaching robotics is the first step in carrying out the STEM plan at Pax.

PAX President Contributor at World Economic Forum

The President of Pax Et Lumen International Academy was invited to be one of the contributors to the discussions on economic and national security issues at the World Economic Forum – East Asia held on 23 May 2014.




Pax et Lumen International Academy of Angeles City in the Philippines joins the #bringbackourgirls global campaign and, through its Website and Facebook, joins the worldwide protest against acts of violence on girls in Nigeria by the Boko Haram.

Pax et Lumen believes that gender equality is basic to promoting respect for other creeds and races. The school believes that a person’s full potential can only be developed through education. It has been said that ‘the glory of God is intelligence’ and God has gifted both males and females with intelligence to help build the Earth.

It is for this reason that Pax et Lumen promotes equal education for all—regardless of gender, economic status, religion, and race.

Pax et Lumen International Academy Considers Partnering with a Korean School and an Illinois- based US School


In a recent invitation from a Korean School based in Seoul, Korea, Pax et Lumen, through its President, Mrs. Laura Q. Del Rosario, opened its doors to partnering with this Korean school to foster exchange of knowledge between students in regard to the culture, language, and lifestyle of each country.

Similarly in a recent visit of our Headmaster in one of the elementary schools in Illinois, USA, an agreement was reached that sparked excitement between the Principal of that school and our Headmaster, Mrs. Myrna G. San Agustin. The agreement involves sharing experiences among the students and faculty of both schools. This will broaden the students’ knowledge of the culture, first hand experiences, languages, and other practices in both countries.

The principal reiterated his appreciation of this idea as it fosters not only camaraderie among students from the other side of the globe, but will likewise provide a vehicle to promote understanding of climate change in a global perspective.

The collaboration between the Korean and US schools with Pax et Lumen will enhance the quality of education as sharing first-hand experience is one of the most powerful tools to better the education of students. Moreover, these partnerships generate enthusiasm and motivation among students to help them understand how local and global are connected. They can deepen students’ understanding and empathy which in turn will motivate them to make them aware of their responsibilities as citizens in terms of climate change, for example.

Mrs. San Agustin is on to another visit by May 21 in another school in New Jersey to explore the teaching and art practices of that institution.


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Sharing the Fun and Lessons of Science with Other Students

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Pax et Lumen International Academy, the Science and Math School of Angeles City, held a Science Fair and a combined Science Art, Slogan, and Quiz Contests at SM Clark events center on 9 February, Sunday, from 12 noon to 4:00 pm

Featured at the Science Fair were products made by Pax et Lumen students in the laboratory: soap, organic kamias vinegar, and skin lotion.  The science projects of Pax students were also featured like, among others, a robot, toy cart, a submarine, and an atomic structure of elements, made from scrap materials. To show that rich food can be made more “health-full”, cookies and cupcakes baked with malunggay leaves and nuts as well as crackers spread with kamias jam and jelly were distributed to the passers-by and onlookers.

Students from other schools, on the other hand, competed in a slogan making contest, in creating art from junk, and in a science quiz contest.  The theme of the Science Fair and the combined Science Contests was “Enhancing the Role of Science in Adapting to Climate Change.”

Cash prizes, trophies, and medals were awarded to winning students and their schools.
Pax et Lumen hopes that events such as the one held at SM Clark will promote appreciation of the role of science in one’s everyday life, understanding of the principles of science, and expand the image of science as a “fun subject”.

Mission Statement

Pax Et Lumen International Academy was established to give parents an alternative   choice in their children’s education.

  • Noting that the quality of education in the Philippines is affected by big class sizes, Pax Et Lumen International  Academy presents a choice where class sizes are small.
  • Aware that there is a need to intensify preparations for technological and scientific courses among the young, Pax Et Lumen International Academy gives priority to science literacy, mathematics, and fluency in the English language.
  • Aware of the need to strengthen values and spiritual formation among the young, Pax Et Lumen International Academy adds value formation lessons and experiences  in the classroom to reflect the two greatest commandments: “Love God and love thy neighbor as thyself.”
  • Aware that Filipino students have to be educated on the richness of the Filipino culture to give them a sense of national pride, Pax Et Lumen International Academy gives a special perspective to Philippine culture to enhance appreciation of it.
  • Aware that in a growing globalized environment, there is a need to open young students to interaction with people of the other gender and of other cultures, Pax Et Lumen International Academy presents a curriculum that is not gender-based nor limited to one culture.
  • Aware that there is a need for a school to offer enriched programs in science, mathematics, and the languages that is not yet available in Region III, Pax Et Lumen International Academy offers extended classroom services and improved curricula in these areas.

Educational Philosophy

Pax Et Lumen International Academy, incorporated in 2007, is a selective elementary school.  The small class sizes of less than 30 provide a conducive environment for learning and better interaction between teacher and students.

Its rigorous curriculum  -  focused on math, science, and language proficiency as well as on other areas of intelligence and an inquiry-oriented teaching method -  aims to set a new standard in elementary education through its enriched curriculum.

Pax Et Lumen International Academy is a Christian school that will promote spiritual consciousness and value formation among its students by making them aware and respectful of other religions, belief systems, and cultures in the world.  It emphasizes the formation of universal values.

It is a co-educational school.  Admission will be based on a child’s ability without any regard for gender, race, economic class, or religion.  It has an administrative and teaching community that respects the uniqueness of each individual.

It uses academic, spiritual, cultural, and physical activities to bring out the best in each student.  It works closely with parents in guiding their children through regular parent-teacher meetings.

Pax Et Lumen International Academy’s ideals are summarized thus:  “peace and light through wisdom and compassion” – Lumen, Pax, Prudentia, et Pietas.